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Stump Removal and Grinding in Jackson, TN

It is actually more difficult to remove a tree stump than it is made out to be on television. You don’t simply just saw out the stump and expect it to look like it was never there. When dealing with stumps, you’re also dealing with the roots. If you’re expecting to remove the stump on your own, you will come to realize how long the process will take, especially without the equipment and resources. We advise you to call a professional arborist to handle the dirty work! Literally!

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You may desire stump removal for many reasons: Safety purposes, to improve the appearance of your landscape, allow flexibility and prevent infestation or unwanted growth. No matter the reason behind your need of stump removal, we will leave your mind at ease by fixing your problems hands on! Unresolved stumps after tree removal could potentially become infected with wood decay fungi. This could result in airborne infection spreading to other trees.

If you’ve searched online, “How to remove a stump?” you may find some methods: hand-digging, burning, and chemical treatment. All of these methods can be labour or time intensive. They are not the safest approaches! The most effective and recommended way  to remove a stump would be to use a power stump grinder.

Majority of homeowners do not include stump grinding! You can obtain a grinder from a local equipment rental service or retailer, but the process of stump grinding requires great planning. As a Jackson tree service company, we have years of experience in all varieties of tree services. We can confidently say that we will provide professional expertise through planning and safety prevention. 

Why You Should Choose Us!

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As tree surgeons, we recommend that you sit back and sip on your ice tea, leaving the stump removal to us! Our entire team is insured, licensed, and fully equipped to get the job done! With our years of experience in tree services, we are proficient and efficient with stump extraction when using a power stump grinder. Before, during and after stump removal, we always secure the work area, providing proper safety for all family members and the team. As professionals, we give attention to details, preventing any damages to anyone and the property. We will swiftly clean up and collect debris when we’re done with the job. We will get to the nitty gritty of your stump, but at the end of the day, we will sweep off your stress and concerns. 

The first step is to call us for a FREE instant quote at 731-207-4181.  Then we can secure appointments for an inspection. We offer our stump grinding and stump removal service in Jackson, however, we are very flexible and willing to travel within the 40 mile distance. Just give us a call to confirm your location of needed professional stump grinding services.