Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Jackson

We are licensed and insured arborists that offer tree trimming & pruning services. As professional “Tree Surgeons,” we are confident in maintaining the health and shape of your trees. What some people don’t know is that some trees should not prune in certain seasons because of the potential growth of fungi or other diseases. With our years of tree trimming service experience, we know how to properly tend to a variety of trees. We know how to treat these plants without harming them in the process. 

Tree Trimming Services

Jackson TN Tree trimming pruning services

Trees are one of the strongest and longest living beings in the world. However, even with the large lifespan, they will start to age and disintegrate slowly. You might notice your tree branch turning grey, especially in the fall or winter. In unlikely scenarios, a lighting strike could cause your tree to break, leading to potential health hazard. Dead tree branches should be handled as soon as possible to prevent it from harming you or your property. Trees that aren’t cut properly become hazardous and affect the power lines. We have all the equipment needed to handle all circumstances as well as professional tree climbers that can remove even the hard-to-reach branches. When given the job, we will show up promptly and ready to solve your problems. We are available all season, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Canopy Lifting and Reduction 

Part of tree branch reduction includes canopy lifting and reduction. Canopy or crown lifting involves the lower half of the tree branches being removed, giving a lifted appearance of the tree. This allows more sunlight to the grass and plants under the tree. Canopy or crown reduction involves the upper half of the tree branches being removed, giving a clean rounded appearance of the tree. This reduces the size of trees when they have outgrown. 

Tree Pruning Services

For the people that are new to tree maintenance, you must be asking, “What is tree pruning?” 

Jackson TN Tree services

It is the process of removing dead branches, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property and passerby from damage. It also prevents the dead branches from sucking up nutrients from healthier parts of the plant. Tree pruning and tree trimming provides many benefits: Improve health, appearance, shape sunlight exposure and reduce risks. The removal of dead or diseased branches help prevent further spread of decay, which improves plant health and appearance. Removing overgrown branches can allow more sunlight exposure to other parts of the plant, allowing maximum growth. Lastly, regular pruning allows you to structure the branches in young trees the way you like. As a local Jackson tree service company, we are aggressive with certain tree services, but we can also delicately handle trees with care when needed to. 

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As a Jackson tree service company, we hold pride in giving honest information. If we feel that your tree does not need to be removed, we may offer tree trimming or pruning. We want our customers to make the best decision while saving money. Of course, at the end of the day, the main decision is dependent on you. Regardless of your desire for these services, we will be on your side to solve your problems. With years of tree service experience, we expect 100% customer satisfaction. We run our family-like company in the Jackson community, which is why we prioritize our customers. Our reputation is supported by word by mouth referrals.

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